Hot redeployment

JBoss Seamのフォーラムを見ていたら、JBoss SeamでもHot redploymentと呼ばれるSeasar2のHot Deployと同じような機能を開発中のようです。CVSには既にコミットされていて試せるみたい。WEB-INF/devにHot Deploy対象のクラスを置くというのが変わってますね。これもRailsを意識してやはり作ってるのかしら。

I've just committed a new feature to CVS that lets code changes made to Seam JavaBean components be visible immediately without a container restart.

What you need to do is deploy the JavaBean component classes into the WEB-INF/dev directory, and run in debug mode with jboss-seam-debug.jar in WEB-INF/lib. Then any changes (or additions) to the classes in WEB-INF/dev will be immediately visible.

It speeds up development quite a lot :-)

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